Mr & Mrs Guthrie (Kensington)

We were very sceptical about incurring the expense of employing a property finder. I have worked as an estate agent and we thought we were more than capable of finding something on our own. After we had been looking for a property for a long time, and missed out on several, we finally got sick of it and decided to get some help with it.

Mercury found us a house exactly to the spec that we wanted, which was not yet on the market, the day after we had hired them. We changed our minds several times during the search, and they still kept finding potential purchases for us. Eventually we found something ourselves, which differed from our original criteria, and they offered to end our contract. In view of all of their contributions we decided to keep using them through the transaction, and that was when they really came into their own.

It was unbelievably protracted with any number of problems arising which would certainly have led us to walk away from the property if it hadn’t been for their help throughout. When we finally exchanged contracts on what is now our fantastic home we both agreed that Mercury had more than earned his fee. I don’t have any hesitation at all in recommending Mercury to anyone who is looking for a new home.

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