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The book is packed full of the strategies and techniques I have used to acquire our members some of the finest homes in London and includes 30 pages of proven negotiation tactics. This is essential information if you are planning to acquire a property in London.

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Why relying on the internet seriously affects your chances of ever finding the ideal home by making your property search even more difficult than it already is

Why the asking price of the property and the actual value can be worlds apart, and how you can ensure you don’t overpay or miss the opportunity to acquire a home at a bargain price

20+ negotiation techniques to help you acquire your home on the best terms possible

The ten questions you absolutely must ask the estate agent or seller

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Jeremy McGivern

About World renowned London property expert Jeremy McGivern

My name is Jeremy McGivern. I am the founder of Mercury Homesearch, the internationally renowned property search consultancy, and author of The Insider’s Guide To Acquiring Luxury Property in Prime Central London. I have been acquiring property in prime central London for clients for over 13 years.

Having physically viewed over 22,000 properties in prime central London, studied the details of over 153,400 apartments, houses and investment opportunities and spoken to 232+ estate agents every week for over a decade.

My advice is in high demand and has featured everywhere from Bloomberg Television, The Financial Times and The Daily Telegraph to Forbes India and Bahrain Confidential.

Please note that the strategies and techniques revealed in the report are not just theory.

They have been tested and proven over 13 years of acquiring hundreds of millions of pounds worth of prime London property for my clients, who include some of the world’s wealthiest families and most successful entrepreneurs and business people.