This informal, brief version of the London Property Quiz is derived from Jeremy McGivern’s Dominant Buyer System. It shows you, how prepared you are to acquire a property in London.

Once you know your score, you can either proceed with confidence or pinpoint the areas where you need more information before you proceed. After all you don’t know what you don’t know.

This assessment will show you your “Buyer Skill Level”, so that you can move towards making an astute acquisition while helping you avoid making an expensive mistake & being fooled by the estate agents, who are legally obliged to achieve the highest price possible for their client, the seller (as a buyer you are referred to by the agents as an applicant – does that fill you with confidence?).

This quiz will only take three minutes and will help you if you are planning to buy a home or investment and is just as important for British buyers as overseas’ buyers. So, to find out if you are:

Ready to buy with confidence

In need of just a little information to give you an edge over other buyers and the estate agents

In serious danger of making an expensive mistake


Just start answering the questions below (your results are strictly confidential):

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